Danone Talk – Learn How To wear Hijab with Alian Lestari

Danone Talk #9 in Ramadhan Edition bring the theme of Ramadhan by inviting Aliah Lestari, one of the famous Hijabers in Jakarta to give learning session how to wear Hijab to women Danoners. All the participants enthusiast to watch & hear the sesison. Even we have 6 participants practicing how to wear Hijab in a good style in front of the audience guided by Aliah. This event helf before “Buka Puasa Bersama” in Danone & bring benefit to all women Danoners who want to learn wearing Hijab. Thank you, Alia for coming to Danone! :)

sumber: http://www.dancommunity.com/danone-talk-learn-how-to-wear-hijab-with-alian-lestari/

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